The Brandon Raynor Massage School in London is part of of the internationally acclaimed Brandon Raynor’s School of Natural Therapies, originating in Australia in 1998 and now operating on 4 continents. We have been running our London massage school since 2002 and our style of massage, called Raynor massage, has become increasingly popular in the UK since that time.

Brandon Raynor’s Massage School in London

Raynor massage school in London. Raynor massage is a very powerful and deep form of massage therapy designed to find any tension in the muscles of the body and then to eliminate it.We have been teaching Raynor massage at our massage school in London for 10 years now.

It also finds any blockages in the subtle energy systems of the body, or chi, and unblocks them. The massage was the work of Australian/Canadian Naturopath Brandon Raynor. He has taken massage techniques and philosophies from around the world to develop this powerful system of massage therapy. With influences from Shiatsu, Tui Na (Chinese Massage), Ayurvedic massage, reflexology, deep tissue massage, Thai massage and Hawaiian lomi lomi massage this combines the most powerful elements of each along with some techniques and approaches that are unique to Raynor Massage. You can only learn this unique style of massage from our massage school. This is a cutting edge style of massage that is now well known as one of the most effective forms of body therapy available anywhere in the world.

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As part of our approach, we teach you about how the body is an interconnected whole. Bands of tension come up from the feet and the hands can become bigger bands as they go into the higher up parts of the body. We teach you the importance of these bands as tension or muscle stress higher up in the body needs to be released from the roots of that tension. It’s like pulling a weed out from the garden and getting it out by its roots. We teach detailed work on the feet and the hands as well as teaching about often neglected areas such as the abdominal area. Very few other massage styles understand abdominal massage or how important it is to overall health. People can have so much stored emotional tension in their abdominal areas but not know how to get rid of it. Raynor massage works in a holistic manner on a mind body spirit level to relieve the person of this tension.

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Our massage school in London will teach you Raynor massage in our 5 day certificate course for people just wanting an introduction, our 10 day combined Certificate and Diploma course and our 15 day Certificate, Diploma and Advanced practitioner program for serious practitioners.

Our massage courses are priced to be affordable in both time and money and we offer our massage courses in London, Lancashire and in Dublin, Ireland, as well as in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.